In a world where structures and institutions, cultures, and faith-based ideals often deny women their space and the right to exercise their agency, leadership thus assumes a different meaning for us. Leadership becomes more about finding the strength and inspiration to lead from within, to challenge our conditioning, and to find the voice to express our truth in a way that suits our vision.

In leading the self, we set an example for others to follow and offer courage to generations of women to choose a more whole and integrated life experience that is aligned to the primary calling of owning and accepting our place in the Universe.


Women_Space is a leadership space which brings together stories of women who are leading in their daily life from a sense of deep purpose that they have awakened to. Our facilitator Sohini uses the tool of Dialogue to open up the space to help women reflect and explore the element of inspiration in their individual stories as they step up to lead by offering to narrate their unique journeys through life. 

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Sohini Jana is a trained dialogue facilitator and conscious leadership coach. She specializes in inter-religious and inter-cultural dialogue besides being a teacher of mindfulness, conscious communication, and leadership. An avid reader and an enthusiastic traveler, Sohini loves befriending and engaging with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures.


She conceived of the idea of Women Space while engaging with and training a number of women in dialogue and conscious leadership. Her vision is that of a world where women lead from a sense of deep purpose by embracing their lives and their womanhood in its entirety. Through Women Space, Sohini uses the tool of dialogue to provide and create a safe space to enable the formation of a community that seeks to support the women in their individual and collective journeys.


When not working or “dialoguing”, Sohini enjoys journaling, nature walks, yoga, and practices reiki. A non-conformist and gentle rebel, Sohini hopes to leave her mark in this world as a compassionate individual who is aligned to the cause of supporting growth, collaboration and grounded relationships. 

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